Local pottery business offers two hour class for aspiring artists

by Una Stanisavljevic 954 views0

Bitter Root Pottery, a local pottery studio located inside the Westfield mall is an ideal place to get inspiration simply from molding clay.

Interior of the studio, displaying pottery wheels

Offering a variety of different classes designed for both beginners and advanced, everyone has an opportunity to mold a masterpiece.

Pottery designed by visitors

Lyndsie, the studio manager takes you through all of the steps being able to make a unique creation within a two-hour class.

For those in a rush, Bitter Root Pottery even offers what they refer to as an “hour power class”, designed to provide special hands-on experience.

Presenting a distinctive palette of colors, stencils and other materials used to paint your pottery, it is a perfect spot for all ages.

After the product is done crafting, it is placed into a heated compartment where it is held for about two weeks, allowing for the pottery to be glazed for its finished result.

Known for creating a zen environment, Bitter Root Pottery strives to make individuals enjoy themselves while doing this inspirational hobby.

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