From nursing to speaking internationally, Lisa DeLong inspires COC’s nursing students

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Lisa Solis DeLong is an international speaker using an array of different techniques for emotional healing. One technique is the use of writing prompts.

Lisa saw writing as a way to cope after her first-born son Justin passed away in 2000.

“I just had to get my thoughts out of my head and on paper” said DeLong. “This is a good grief activity as well.”

When her youngest son Jacob was diagnosed with cancer six years later, DeLong was inspired to resume writing after a pause. This inspiration led her to COC, where she would register in creative writing classes.

DeLong’s journal entries at COC ultimately became the subject of half of her own memoir titled BLOOD Brothers, which describes her experience raising her sons.

The popularity of BLOOD Brothers within the medical field allowed DeLong to began speaking to nurses and medical students alike. She spoke at COC’s TEDx in 2014 with a speech titled, “Changing the Face of Death.”

“Getting used to telling my story publicly… taught me what resonates with audiences,” she said.

This coming October, DeLong will be in Costa Rica for her workshop, “I’m Here, Love Me!” at Rythmia Life Advancement Center.

DeLong plans on releasing a second book in the future.

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