Rio Norte school prank results in student charged with crime

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At least one student was detained in connection with threatening comments directed at several students at a Rio Norte Junior High, sheriff’s officials confirmed.

The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station was notified about the situation Wednesday and through an investigation located the 8th grade student suspected of making the threats, according to a statement released by the station this morning.

“An investigation led by COBRA detectives and school resource officers determined there was no threat to student safety,” the statement said.

Though the student admitted to detectives he was joking, authorities say the situation is no laughing matter.

“The message to students is simple. We are never going to take this lightly,” the statement said. “Making school threats in jest will still launch a complete criminal investigation on our part. Poor judgment by students can have a long-lasting effect as criminal records could affect future college admissions and prospective jobs.”

The student was charged with making criminal threats and taken into custody, but was later released to his parents at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, according to the statement.

“Think before you post to social media or send text messages. An action that takes a second, could pose consequences that will linger for years,” the station said.

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