LADY BIRD: I will throw myself out of a moving car for this film (FILM REVIEW)

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“Hi Mom and Dad it’s me Christine, it’s the name you gave me,” Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson states at the end of the film when she realizes all of the self-deprecating and emotional turmoil she caused to her and her family, “I wanted to tell you that I love you, thank you.”

Courtesy of A24

Lady Bird follows a teenage girl and her mother’s relationship with each other and Sacramento. A year after the 9/11 attacks, we see our title character go through her own crisis. Struggling through stages of acceptance of herself, her surroundings and life.

In her first feature length debut as director, Greta Gerwig makes herself stand out among the male directors in the year 2017 for the Directors Guild of America and even earning some Oscar nominations.

Courtesy of A24

Her work with the talented director of photography Sam Levy, still hits you with a nostalgia bug. Using Alexa grain, each scene makes it feel like you have stepped in and are in Lady Bird’s shoes.

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