COC’s MakerSpace showcased their work at their third annual open house

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One of COC’s most valuable resources, the MakerSpace, held their third annual open house on Friday, March 10th, in the cafeteria on the Valencia campus.

COC Makerspace showcases Spring 2019 open house

Creative students joined the MakerSpace staff to listen to presentations from professors and club officials discuss what the workshop can do for those on campus.

“The main purpose is to get students in here and be creative,” said Director of Operations for the MakerSpace, Christopher Walker.

The open house consisted of different panels and booths, with creations that were made inside the MakerSpace studio, such as pendants, puzzles and badges made with equipment like 3D printers and laser etchers.

“All of the exhibitors here are showing off things that have been made inside the MakerSpace,” said Walker.

While the event did feature the work made by those in the MakersSpace club, one of its primary goals was to educate students about what they have to offer.

“A lot of people still don’t know about the MakerSpace,” said employee Ian Happel. “By having this event we can really showcase what we can make and what we do.”

The MakerSpace is open for COC students Monday through Saturday, and welcomes everyone to come and check it out.

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