What’s Good On The Shelf: The Alchemist

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Boy, oh boy! What an adventure The Alchemist has taken me on!

If you like to read books full of adventure and ethics, then this is the book for you.

The story tells of a shepherd boy named Santiago.

This boy longs to be with a beautiful girl and after having a recurring dream, he seeks a gypsy for advice.

The gypsy tells him that he must travel to Egypt to see the pyramids where a treasure awaits for him.

Along the way, he encounters many people. The saying is that people come into your life for a reason and this book exemplifies just that!

Santiago grows as a character throughout his journey.

This book is full of compelling quotes that I cannot help, but flag with sticky notes!

The words in this book have readers thinking, “What is my true destiny in life?”

The Alchemist allows readers to reflect upon life and its journey page after page as they travel with Santiago.

After reading this book, I definitely plan on reading more of Paulo Coelho’s books in the future.

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