Line Dancing in Newhall

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Thursdays at Newhall holds many events for their weekly entertainment, including this past weeks event which was a line dancing lesson set to get the community ready for the weekends Cowboy Festival.

Line dancing was taught by a professional line dancer and accompanied by a live band.

The line dancing lesson was held at the Santa Clarita Community Center Thursday night with their doors open to the community as a free event lasting from 7:00pm through 9:00pm.

The event was held for all age groups and all skill sets, whether you were on your feet dancing or relaxing and enjoying the live performance it was a night of fun and community.

With preparations underway for the upcoming Cowboy Festival the city of Santa Clarita invites the community for a night to get into the festivities and warm up your dancing boots.

To begin the line dancing Candy Sherwin, the choreographer, opened up with foot loose and the electric slide.

Once everyone felt comfortable and in rhythm they took a break where the band Magnolia Drawl opened up with popular classics and original pieces of their own.

As the night continued patrons danced to the live band and began  freestyle line dancing.

The night wound down with everyone having a spring in their step and a smile on their face.

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