Cait’s Top 3 Love Songs

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“Those three words are said too much”, one of Snow Patrol’s most famous song quotes from “Chasing Cars”, is so true. Love is not simple! Love can be complex, hurt, and it can be great. Valentine’s Day may long be be over, but who doesn’t love a great love song? Here are my top 3’s for each of these feelings.

Why is love always so complex?!

1.) “Let Me Go”– This song with Hailee Steinfeld and Alesso featuring Florida Georgia Line and WATT is put on replay on my playlist and it should be on yours too. This is definitely a go-to-song that’s not too fast and not too slow. This is for those who love that one guy so much, but you think he can do better. As stubborn as men can be, the guy just won’t let you go!

2.) “This Feeling”- You can never go wrong with The Chainsmokers. This tune, featuring Kelsea Ballerini, is one of those go-to-songs when you fall for that special someone and you know it’s true love, but your friends say otherwise. Should we listen to our head or heart?

3.) “I hate u I love u”- I mean, it’s in the title. Do you hate me or love me? I love this tune with gnash and Olivia O’Brien


The worst feeling of love is when it hurts

“Mr. Brightside”- No list can be complete without The Killers. This is one of those songs when your witnessing the girl you love with some other guy. You’re outraged and you just wanna say, “Hey pal, she’s mine. Get your hands ‘off her dress now!’. This is one of those songs where I want to literally tell the lead singer “Dude just tell her how you feel!”


“Be Alright”- Sorry boys…I know us women can be heartbreakers. This song, sung by Australian music artist Dean Lewis, is for the the heartbroken.


“Teardrops On My Guitar”- No love song playlist can be complete without the one and only Taylor Swift! Men, you break our hearts too. This is for those who are secretly in love with their friend. Love is blind. We’ve all been there.


Best of all, the feeling of love is great!

“I Think I’m In Love”- According to Kat Dahlia, you know you’re in love when “colors seem so bright”, when you’re “feeling like a child” or you and that special someone constantly tease each other. You are so in love!

“I Was Made For Loving You”- Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran make the perfect duet because both of their voices are so sweet! Love feels great when you take that risk, hoping he will not break your heart. When he promises, feel reassured.

“Over And Over Again”- The version with Nathan Sykes featuring Ariana Grande is definitely on replay and it literally tugs at my heartstrings. (sigh) Love at first sight is a moment we wish we can relive “over and over again”. Unlike “I Was Made For Loving You”, this time it is the girl reassuring the guy that she will not break his heart.

I want to hear your go to songs. What’s on your playlist when love seems to hurt, be complex, or feel great?

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