Santa Clarita 7th annual charity chili cook off

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The Santa Clarita community came together at The Oaks in Valencia to support the 7th annual charity cook off.

Each year the charity takes nominations for a new charity to sponsor and each year they choose ones that aren’t always well known.

“We just tried to find a reason to do a charity event that isn’t like the normal charity events in town. Where we can raise money for charities but the underdogs the little ones that don’t necessarily get exposure and no one knows about,” said Co Chair and founder of the cook off, Nicole Stinson.

This years cook off highlighted two local animal shelters, Shelter Hope Pet Shop and St. Bonnie’s Sanctuaries/Lange foundation.

Santa Clarita came out in overwhelming numbers to support both of these well deserving non profits.

It was all fun and games but competition was steaming in hopes of winning the chili cook off title.

“I’m really surprised, I honestly am surprised I was surprised last year i’m always surprised to win. The competition is really really extreme here.” Said Sonja Randall winner of the 7th annual charity cook off and who has also placed 6 times in the competition’s history.

With another success under their belt, the charity is looking forward to stepping it up even further next year.

“We work all year long to make it a great event and every year we try to make it better and better and escalate it,” said Nicole Stinson.

This years event included a live band, silent auction, and tons of chili.

A little something for everyone.


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