No Mega Mining in Soledad Canyon

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After an ongoing battle of nearly 20 years, the citizens of Santa Clarita can finally rest knowing that there won’t be a mega-mine in Soledad Canyon.

After last week’s press conference, city board members discussed the decision to deny Cemex Inc.’s plans to build a massive mine just off of the 14 freeway in Canyon Country.

The denial of the 490-acre mine will preserve Santa Clarita’s air quality as well as the wildlife inhabiting the area. In addition to protecting the city’s environment, traffic will be reduced tremendously without big-rig trucks congesting highway lanes.

The Bureau of Land Management presented would-be owner, Cemex, rights to mine 56 million tons of sand and gravel in 1990. Since then, the city of Santa Clarita has continuously fought to prevent any large-scale mining from taking place.

Congresswoman Katie Hill explained that the decision took approximately 20 years due to smaller organizations going up against huge corporations. “We’re going to watch it the entire way and make sure that this follows through,” said Hill.

Hill was just one of many key players to prevent Cemex from mining. Council members Laurene Weste, Bob Kellar, as well as Senator Scott Wilk have been involved with the fight for many years.

The council members also commended the community on their efforts to prevent the hazardous project from going into effect.

“We won it together; God bless you all and thank you,” said Weste.







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