King Arthur at The Main

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Journeying back into a story book we take part in Olive Branch Theatricals’ “King Arthur” presented at The Main Theater in Newhall.

The story of Arthur Bonkers battling through trial and tribulation to finally come to the conclusion that he is not really a Bonkers, but a PenDragon and rightful heir to the throne of Camelot.

A wide and wild cast of characters spanning from a chit chatty nanny to a “Poofy” dragon who cant breath fire, the old tale of the sword in the stone has a young feel to it at this Pan-to production.

The performers happily and readily invite the audience to participate in answering questions and even singing and dancing with them on stage.

The Main Theater is hosting King Arthur from March 15th till the 31st with tickets stand at 12$. The money raised for Olive Branch Theatricals is non profit and goes towards promotion and community to help their mission of bringing theater enjoyment to all.

The Olive Branch Theatricals began two years ago and is partners with The Main bringing us wonderful performances like King Arthur, Red Riding Hood, and in the winter they will be performing “Cowboy Christmas Carol”.

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