Industry professionals connect with COC students as part of Media Day

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By Sophia Lesseos


Media Day is a biannual event hosted by the Media, Arts and Entertainment department at College of the Canyons.

This special event brings together industry professionals to share their experience and advice to the students.

The presenters focused on providing hands on learning experiences that could help jump start their careers.

Many filmmakers, writers, journalists, and animators were at the event.

Many of the speakers included, Producer and Director of Sons of Anarchy and The Shield, Craig Yahata, Independent Filmmaker Branden Morris, KABC News Anchor Phillip Palmer, CNN Investigative Journalist Melanie Hicken and NBC4 Reporter Jonathan Gonzalez.

Volunteer Heather Duncan models for student filmmakers at 2019 COC Media Day

While the students looked toward the future of their careers, the presenters saw an opportunity to share industry advice.

“I feel like our business and our industry is important, and I hope I am doing my best to make it better for the next generation.” said Phillip Palmer, KABC News Anchor.

It was also easy for the attendees to envision their success in the industry because many were once in the students  shoes.

“My favorite thing being a student here was being able to sit their and listen to industry professionals tell us their stories and I’m just honored and it’s kind of weird that I get to do it today.” said Jonathan Gonzalez, NBC4 reporter.

The event had no age limit and was open to anyone willing to listen and ask questions.

Media Day was a very uplifting and inspiring event that gave lots of young media students ideas on how to quick-start their career.

COC students listen to Media Day presenter Independent Filmmaker Branden Morris

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