Harry Potter fans assemble for Santa Clarita’s latest pub crawl

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Many gathered Saturday evening in celebration of Valencia’s first wizard-themed pub crawl, with fans from all over Southern California flying in on their broomsticks to take part in the magic.

Attendees of the event were dressed in their best Harry Potter-themed attire and received a free wand and necklace when they checked into the event.

One Stevenson Ranch resident and Hufflepuff member, Ashley Hill, arrived with her sister and boyfriend to experience the charming event for the first time.

“I’ve never been to a pub crawl or anything Harry Potter-themed so I said to my sister ‘look, we should go, it will be really fun’,” said Hill.

With the magic moving to various bars throughout the night, there were endless opportunities of fun for fans of the series.

Some of the participating locations were even decorated for the occasion.

Ticket buyers received a complimentary wand of their choosing and were sorted into houses by the event’s Sorting Hat.

The starting point of the festivities was Alchemy on Town Center Drive and McBean Parkway, with six bars in total participating in the event.

Each location had a variety of specialty drinks to try for a simple $6, including potions such as Butter Beer, the Goblet of Fire, and the Harry Potter Cocktail.

The night ended at Saddle Ranch Chop House with a trivia quiz and a costume contest.

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