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The 91st annual Academy Awards are being broadcasted live on ABC, Sunday February 24th. Are you ready?

Ahead of the awards ceremony, the host of Cougar Review, Emily Mahler shares her opinions on the upcoming awards and nominations.

Courtesy of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

This years Oscars has been a whirlwind for film fans and the film industry, and it’s not even the 24th, with some Oscars categories being shoed away, then being put back on, the rumors of only two musical performances and no host!  

It’s not cinema without cinematography, people!

It is clear to see that the Oscars will be different this year and less people will watch live to see if any of their favorite movies will win.

I am still looking forward to the ceremony, fill out my homemade ballot and hope my favorites will win.

Let’s breakdown some of my favorites in the major categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Best Picture: Roma 

Talked about on Cougar Review’s Oscar Nominations Episode, Roma is one of many special films this award season. Alfonso Cuarón’s semi autobiographical black and white film focuses on the life of Cleo, a maid for a middle class family in 1970’s Mexico City. As this story is so close to Cuarón’s heart and soul, this film portrays the hardships and can relate to everyone’s life. It pulls at your heart strings. I believe this film will win Best Picture for that reason.

Best Director: Spike Lee

It’s about time, folks. Spike Lee is finally getting his rightful “Oscars moment” with BlacKkKlansman. Nominated for 6 Oscars, the film based of the real life story of Ron Stallworth (a true American hero) journey of infiltrating the KKK. This is a beautiful and telling story, that is related to today. It is gripping and well deserved of every nomination, even though it was snubbed for John David Washington’s portrayal of Stallworth. Spike Lee it was your year to shine and I hope the Academy gives you that chance on the 24th.

Best Cinematography: The Favourite 

Another movie talked about the Oscars episode is, The Favourite. In 18th century England, two women fight over the love and attention of Queen Anne. The dramatic comedy shows off a tricky and complex story between three women. The cinematography is outstanding. The fish-eye lens, the time period story and did I say those fish-eye lens. I loved and dream of them, they should win with those alone.

Best Adapted Screenplay: If Beale Street Could Talk 

I had to throw this category in to communicate my love for this movie! My favorite movie of the year is Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk. An adaption of author James Baldwin’s work titled the same name, is the love story between Tish and Fonny, the struggles of being a person of color in America and getting Fonny out of jail for a crime he didn’t commit. This story is heartbreaking yet hopeful. I have seen this film multiple times and I cry through out each time. Get ready for the next episode of Cougar Review’s video and article where I explain more of my love for this beautiful film.

most of these films are available to rent or will be in March. 




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