Why authentic restaurants need more attention

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By Sebastian Gonzalez

Many people enjoy franchise restaurants for the sake of buying a quick meal, but not enough attention is given to hole in the wall restaurants.

Some of these include Cousins Burgers, Pho Viet, Dario’s and Las 3 Maria’s serving up fresh meals. The large scale of fast food we revolve around is so competitive, any of these restaurants would fall short against a pound-for-pound champion like McDonald’s. Nonetheless, at least knowing what fresh food tastes like would be a start for these franchises.

The atmosphere is quick, with orders of fast food flying left and right in a matter of seconds, window-for-window, and yet you’d question if it’s even being cooked.

“You just can’t seem to walk into any fast food restaurant and expect top quality service,”COC student Gianluca Aguilar said. “I mean how much could you really expect from a fast food restaurant? It’s an effortless rhythm of work that these employees train for every single day, food, bag and deliver.”

Although these fast food restaurants are racking up quite the customers, some people are getting the feeling that their money isn’t really going toward a quality meal.

“I don’t get that same warm feeling inside when I am being served at a Taco Bell rather than an authentic Mexican restaurant,” COC student Cristian Reynolds stated.

Even with such large amounts of imported goods and updated menus attracting customers every week, one wonders whether we can even call it quality food.

“Franchise restaurants are only good for their quantity, not so much for their quality,” COC student Henry Anderson said. “Every time you look over at those cash registers, it’s nothing more than a played out job. Just a bunch of button-pushing and taking orders if you ask me, but is it really that bad waiting for a couple minutes for a freshly prepared meal, that someone actually put some effort into, or do you still think the McRib is actually coming from a cow?”

When asking some students on campus what they thought was better between fast food restaurants and family grown restaurants, 70 percent preferred fast food, while 30 percent preferred family-grown, for a couple reasons.

“It’s the freshness and authenticity of the dish, something about traditional food always taste better,” said another COC student. Nevertheless it is no secret that fast food reigns supreme. From the looks of it, the use of frozen food seems to satisfy many stomachs.

“Mom-and-pop restaurants for me will forever be superior to huge chain restaurants with which they need to compete with,” Reynolds said. “Small restaurant businesses are much more intimate, and the meals are prepared with such care that it feels like it was painstakingly created just for you. The environment that a mom and pop restaurant creates is much more comfortable and welcoming than the drive-through at your local McDonald’s will ever be. At the end of the day, mom and pop restaurants will make you feel like an expected guest coming over to eat with the family, and large chain’s just simply can’t emulate this feeling.”

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