TLC lead tutors offer a new outlet for film discussion

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The Society on Screen Film Discussion Series allows students and professors to view, discuss and analyze ideas surrounding film.

“Society on Screen is a project that Miguel Chavez and I created a couple of months ago to tie film screenings to educational outcomes,” lead tutor Jed Bookout explained.

Season Three, Episode Four of Black Mirror introduces two young women who form a bond that lasts a lifetime. Tabii Johnson/Pinterest

Providing a place for students and professors to start a dialogue about uncommon thematic topics, Society on Screen creates a bridge between student learning goals and film.

“We want to cater [the screenings] to what students are working on,” lead tutor Miguel Chavez stated. “Another big part that we want to do with this is provide students with other resources that aren’t textbooks, or websites or journal articles. They can come, watch and enjoy a film.”

To end the fall semester, Society on Screen gathered for a screening of Black Mirror episode “San Junipero” followed by a discussion based on “what it means to be human…really.”

Leading the discussion were coordinators Bookout and Chavez who ended with high hopes for the next film screening.

Society on Screen and Film Discussion Series will return after winter break with a full schedule of future screenings and discussions.

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