Sexual trauma survivors discuss recovery at COC roundtable

by Alcharles Castillo 622 views0

The Veterans Resource Center, Student Health and Wellness Center and the Associated Student Government came together on Nov. 6th to present a discussion panel offering resources and information for sexual trauma survivors at the student center in College of the Canyons.

After sitting down with the keynote speaker of the event, Julie McGuire wanted other trauma survivors to know that acceptance is one of the key forms of recovery.

“Knowing [that] it’s not your fault – that was one thing I had an issue with,” McGuire said.

McGuire also compared these overwhelming life experiences to a “bucket of worms” that we run away from. This connects to the repressive factor that most trauma survivors face when trying to recover from sexual assaults.

One of the panelists from the event, Larry Schallert, spoke with us to offer more information of the resources offered on campus for trauma survivors.

“The number one resource is the personal counseling program,” said Schallert.

Both McGuire and Schallert agree that one important step to a full recovery is talking to a professional that will try and understand what you are going through.

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