Santa Clarita holds community dinner for Thanksgiving

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Courtesy of The Signal

The Newhall Community Center hosted its 19th Annual Thanksgiving Community dinner where families gathered to enjoy a traditional turkey dinner.

The smell of turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie filled the air at the Newhall Community Center Monday night, where the city’s Thanksgiving Community Dinner was being hosted. People came from all around to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by their Santa Clarita family.

“I think it’s something that people look forward to. Not just those who attend, but people who are volunteering,” says Santa Clarita City Councilman Cameron Smyth. “You see the line is well into the parking lot, and it’s something that people put on their calendar every year. It’s a good way to kick off the holidays.”

This event is a great way to bring people in the community together. Members of the Santa Clarita City Council stood by volunteers from the community to serve their fellow Santa Clarita residents.

The city of Santa Clarita is full of kindness and generosity, and the Thanksgiving Community Dinner is a perfect example of that.


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