Mental health awareness considered a must at COC

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As midterms are rapidly approaching, some students are having a hard time adjusting as some have to battle through mental illness such as anxiety and depression. College of the Canyons filmmaking student Shane Kurtz sat down for a moment to give his testimony of his battle with anxiety and how it physically affects his body.

Kurtz says that his battle has become so severe that it takes on a physical toll on his body.

“My blood pressure raises and my heart rate starts increasing,” Kurtz stated. “I need to find a way to distract myself by going through my phone or playing video games.”

In some cases, students feel too much pressure to speak about their experience with mental illness that, in many cases, they will suffer in silence, which in itself is a troubling factor that can lead to depression and suicide.

College of the Canyons students have six free counseling sessions to deal with depression and Mental health issues.

Therapist and student wellness counselor Danielle Kallin briefly spoke on the adjustment with students from high school to college and how it plays a part in mental health, specifically anxiety.

“Some signs of student health is that students tend to over eat or not eat enough,” Kallin stated. “Their sleeping pattern can also be a sign of anxiety.”

With the cases of suicide rates and depression becoming more increasingly apparent, it is asked that students seek help and assistance from parents, faculty members and therapist if needed.

There are also hotlines student can reach if they are in need of assistance.

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