COC student stress guide

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As the year comes to an end students across the country are faced with the ever daunting finals week.

With all the tests, essays, and projects that students must complete it goes without saying that their stress is at a peak.

But how can COC students combat stress once it starts to become overwhelming?

Luckily, the Student Health and Wellness Center is ready to welcome them with open arms. “We have counseling, we have licensed therapists here, we have interns. So we have a place where people can come and talk about whatever is going on with them” says Larry Schallert, the Assistant Director of the Student Health and Wellness Program.

The best part is that these services are available to students for free. Although, Mr. Schallert also shared with us that for many people the hardest part to getting help is simply taking the first step.

“There’s also a stigma attached towards getting counseling. So people tend to [say] ‘Oh, I don’t have a problem that’s bad enough.'”

However, there’s another way for students to vent their stress on campus that’s more creative. “Our pianos, our wonderful pianos.”

The Director of the Art Gallery, Pamela Lewis, believes that the pianos that have been placed on campus allow students to take a step back and de-stress. “It’s a great way to relax, and also focus in a different way.”

Since these pianos are available to anyone that is walking by them to play, it’s perfect for students walking from class to class.

So, if you’re ever feeling stressed on campus and happen to walk across a piano, don’t be shy and share some music with the world.

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