A STAR IS BORN: Lady Gaga reinvents herself (FILM REVIEW)

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One of the most anticipated movies of the year was Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, A Star is Born. 

A Star is Born follows Jackson, played by Bradley Cooper, and Ally, played by Lady Gaga, through the music of their love and shows us the tough times of fame and substance abusive that affects them.


This film was emotional and raw, from the beginning with the big festival crowd sequence to the extreme close ups at their wedding to the end when you really see Jackson’s affect on Ally and her journey. 

A Star is Born Official Poster

One performance that struck and stuck with me was when Ally sings on stage for the first time. Even though Lady Gaga has performed for the biggest stages including the Super Bowl, you see her acting talent shine through in this scene, where they are performing at a much smaller venue, The Greek Theater. She is so scared and you feel that nervousness for her. 

A Star is Born was much more than a film. When looking at interviews and understanding how they made this film, you get a great sense it was all a big collaboration between cast and crew. 

An extra to this film is the soundtrack. It is so pure and digs deeper within the story line. 

I have no doubt that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will win awards this upcoming awards season.

A Star is Born is in theaters now!

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