Free musical performances a popular attraction at The Main

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Courtesy of City of Santa Clarita

Music fans in Santa Clarita will be happy to hear that the Main Theater in Downtown Newhall is becoming a hub for talent and entertainment.

Located at 24266 Main St, the Main hosts shows, concerts, and even movie screenings. Some of the events are even free of charge, making it a perfect place for any college student on a budget to visit.

Specifically, the Note by Note variety show features a multitude of musical genres including songs by the Andrews Sisters, Bob Dylan, and Woody Guthrie. The Note by Note is another sign of redevelopment and gentrification in Downtown Newhall.

This just goes to show the effort that many Santa Clarita residents are putting into making their community a more vibrant, cultured place. The Note by Note talent show can be extremely entertaining, and is a bi-monthly free event open to the public. and better yet, it’s free.

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