College of the Canyons security incidents leaves students questioning campus safety

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Safety typically isn’t an issue many students are concerned with when attending class on campus, but after an email sent out from College of the Canyons highlighting two recent incidents that may have changed. COC Student Phoebe Melikidse shared, “I never really felt unsafe on campus.

To hear about that kinda shocked me because I thought the campus was pretty safe in general.” Of the two incidents discussed in the email one was regarding the issue of indecent videos being taken on the Valencia Campus.

Someone shot footage from behind women as they walked up different stairways then posted them online. “I think it’s really concerning and disgusting that someone would do that to a young female and even like the older women that are going to this school,” says Shelby Pollack a second year student at COC.

But what can students do to try to avoid such situations? Eric Harnish, the Vice President of Public Information at COC, discussed with us that perhaps the biggest thing may simply be staying aware of your surroundings.

It’s all too often that many of us become engrossed in our phones and lose sight of the things happening around us, “you know it happens to me I have my nose buried in my phone not always cognizant of what’s happening around me” says Harnish.

He also encourages students to try to walk together if at all possible, and for those with no one to walk with during the evening hours to call the communications center on campus and ask for the campus escort service.

The COC campus escort service is available Monday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and may be reached by calling (661) 259-7800 for the Valencia campus and (661) 362-3800 on the Canyons Country Campus then pressing “0” during the automated greeting.

It is important that students to their best to stay vigilant and to report any suspicious activity that they may see or hear to campus safety.

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