City parks finish renovation in Santa Clarita

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Five parks in the city of Santa Clarita finished updates and renovations over the summer to prepare for the Fall adult softball league.

Central Park, Canyon Country Park, Bouquet Canyon Park, Bridgeport Park and Newhall Park were the parks chosen by the city to have modifications specifically done to their fields.

“We try and get through most of the sites on an annual basis at least, if not more often,” said Parks Administrator Bryan Peck. “It is kind of determined by the sports that are going at that time, and when we can get time to do maintenance on the field and get a little rest period”.

The updates include moving the bases back further, adding signs stating “Respect the Game” in the dugouts, and leveling of the field, .

The Canyon Country Park had a turf renovation that multiple sports programs will be able to use.

If you are interested in joining the adult softball league or other teams you can visit under the “Recreation” section under “Adult Sports”. Or you can call 661-290-2240.

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