The Autumn of Terror hits Santa Clarita in a new virtual haunted house experience

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This Halloween, guests can visit Mountasia to experience “Wax House: The Legend of Jack The Ripper,” a new virtual reality haunted house experience.

The virtual haunted house sends players back in time to the Autumn of Terror, set in 1888 Whitechapel, London. The VR allows players to experience a time when London was terrorized with a string of gruesome murders committed by the Ripper.

Players search for clues and other virtual items to solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper’s identity before he kills again.

“Wax House: The Legend of Jack The Ripper is a mixture between escape room, mystery solving and haunted house,” stated David Love, president and creative executive at Hollow Studios. “We’re not a super hardcore escape room like some of them are. We have a lot of puzzles to figure out and because of the virtual reality, we wanted to make the puzzles a little easier since virtual reality itself is pretty overwhelming.”

“Wax House” creators Hollow Studios lets players use over $3,500 worth of cutting-edge VR equipment just in time for Halloween.

“We’re using the HP Z computers called back top computers,” said Love. “And we’re using the HTC VIVE Pro 2.0. Brand new, just came out six months ago and we decided it was a good platform to start developing our attractions with.”

“Unique,” “innovative” and “immersive” were words used by participants to describe Wax House, with many participants stating they preferred the VR experience to the real thing.

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