Spooking into Halloween: a 2018 guide to Halloween costumes (opinion)

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Choosing a Halloween costume can be hard to decide. Here are some tips on the hottest trends and some secrets on what to buy and where to get it.

With social media and the constant tide of changing trends, there are constant changes of what is hot and what is not. Trying to keep up can feel a bit overwhelming and annoying; plus you don’t want to be dressed up like everyone else. Having some expert advice might give you a little more insight on what to be this Halloween season.

“I always tell people avoid being topical, because then you are going to have to explain your costume in three years,” said Mark Capehart, a professor in History at COC.  “For me, I tend to go very steampunk, so I go with a lot of law and chainy, H.B. Lovecraft… those old style type of gothic costumes and those really seem to terrify people.”

Some people like to go with the older and more scarier costumes, while other people tend to go more trendy and fashionable.

Predicting the hottest trends for Halloween retailers can be tricky and spontaneous.  Some insight on what’s “in” comes from a local Santa Clarita retailer who specializes in everything spooky.

“We’ve had so many people coming in for super heroes and super villains, Incredibles costumes and Black Panther,” said Jana Einaudi, manager of a Chorus Line in Valencia. “But then also the nemesis costumes and the sidekicks.”

Einaudi also tells us that the store carries professional makeup with great feedback from customers saying it is so much better and lasts longer than any of the pop up stores.

Ultimately, deciding on what to wear comes down to the popular trends of today as well as a mixture of intuition, historical perspective, and experience.

What will you wear this year? Tell us in the comments!



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