Small restaurant owners not profiting from food delivery apps

by Alcharles Castillo 695 views0

Smartphone apps like Grubhub, Postmates and Uber Eats are changing the face of food delivery services by involving a contracted courier between both the customer and the restaurant, but Telly’s, a Santa Clarita Valley restaurant, feels that these delivery services would not benefit their business and could harm their profit margin.

“Uber Eats is asking for 30 percent of our profit,” said restaurant owner Nikoleta Koutes.

She believes the apps don’t help her business due to her low-cost food. Aside from the profit loss when partnering with Uber Eats, she said the personal connection between the customer and the business would degrade when having food delivery applications as a middle man.

Despite her reservations, many residents feel that Uber Eats is more a blessing than a curse.

“It made it easier,” said COC student Arely Castillo.

The COC freshman previously worked in a restaurant where a food delivery application was used often with customers. Castillo noted her manager recognized his regular customers by their orders.

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