JAWS: bloody good fun (Film Review)

by Emily Mahler 1,394 views0

Audiences were chilled like cold water when Steven Spielberg’s 1975 blockbuster Jaws was released.

Jaws is a horror film that reflects on a bloody summer of shark attacks surrounding Amity Island.

By the end of the film, it is a fight to the death between a shark and a police chief, a hunter and an oceanographer.

Starring Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider, Amity Island’s residents are dramatic and scared in their time of shock and panic. The acting is therefore very overwhelming and at times cheesy, which is to be expected for a shark attack movie. For example, the mayor doesn’t care about the first couple shark attacks until it affects his finances. Because of actor Murray Hamilton’s laidback approach, the cheese was surreal with this one.

Jaws Poster. Courtesy of Amblin Entertainment

John Williams’ music and the film’s production issues make this film terrifying, although there are some moments of hilarity. Williams’ loud music for the “Great Shark Chase” takes a deeper dive into the three characters’ feelings and anxiety, which also gives the audience and the characters the same emotion. The animatronic shark had issues on set and when they used the yellow cans to show it was moving closer and closer, the music and emotion would build up.

To be honest, this film scared me; it might scare you, too.

Jaws is available to stream everywhere!

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