Local trainer takes athletes to the next level

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“You just got better.”

These words are painted on the wall in huge black font above the door.

The phrase is meant to be the last thing you see as you exit an intense training session with
Mike Yudin.

Perhaps the words will inspire you to come back. The regulars will; the newbies, not so much.

The right side of the gym is lined with floor-length mirrors, reflecting the turf floors, weight
racks, battle ropes, kettlebells and “Team Yudin Training” logo on the opposite wall.

This isn’t any regular gym, but an entirely custom one, right in the garage of Yudin’s
Santa Clarita home where he runs his business training clients, who pay by the session.

“It’s just being able to talk with them and make them better and helping them achieve their goals,” says Mike Yudin, the owner of Team Yudin Training. “I think that’s the best thing you can do in the world, helping someone achieve what they want.”

The Cal State Northridge alumnus has been a strength and conditioning coach for over 10 years, and holds over 11 national certifications in a variety of fitness fields.

“Not everyone lifts the same, not everyone works out the same, I tailor every workout to that individual,” explains the National Sports Performance Master Coach.

“People want to work out, they want to feel better, they want to live their life longer and in better health and I’m really happy to be able to help with that.”

Yudin has worked with athletes from all over the world ranging from youth levels all the way to the elite levels in various sports.

Some of his athletes include fellow Santa Clarita locals Brock Vereen of the NFL, Keston Hiura of the Milwaukee Brewers organization, and Brian Mundell of the Colorado Rockies organization.

While growing up, like many young boys, Yudin thought that his athleticism would lead him to a career in sports.

The Valencia High School alumnus quickly figured out reality and turned his love for sports and fitness into what “Team Yudin Training” is today, helping other athletes make it to that next level, whatever it may be.

Over the course of 10 years Yudin has built his brand from the ground up.

First starting in the popular “box gyms” to gain experience, to shadowing COC Athletics conditioning Coach Robert Dos Remedios, ultimately taking Dos on as a mentor.

In his home gym, from the ceiling to the floor, is a wall decorated with team logos of over two dozen Division I schools and professional organizations his athletes are a part of.

“Not everyone wants to work hard, they want to be that next college athlete or pro athlete but they don’t want to put the work in to do it. I’m in there grinding with them all the time and I see all the work they put in,” said Yudin. “They just work so hard, and so I’m just unbelievably proud of what they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished because I see what kind of work they put in.”

This year alone, Yudin had 21 of his athletes commit to play their sport in college at a variety of colleges across the country.

“It’s hard to put into words how proud I am of these kids,” says Yudin. “As a coach, all you can ask for is hard work, dedication and a great attitude and that is exactly what they brought every day.

The committed coach is always taking to Twitter and Instagram to congratulate and follow his athletes progress and successes during their seasons.

“We’re a family,” says Yudin.

“I have guys all over the country and they support one another and I think that’s such a big
deal, having that family atmosphere that we’ve been able to create.”

Yudin’s clients aren’t only out of his custom home gym. Depending on the season, Mike Yudin
is bound to be see on the Valencia High School Campus.

There, he is hard at work training baseball, softball or girls’ volleyball, in the weight room or out
on the field.

“When people are able to achieve their goals because of you, and how they’re able to be a
good high school or a great high school player, or be able to get that scholarship or be able to
get drafted or be able to lose the weight that they want to lose,” says Yudin.

“I think that’s an amazing accomplishment for them and for me to be able to help them along
the way I think it’s very fulfilling.”

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