Former COC students find success as Amazon entrepreneurs

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It’s a Monday morning at Medtronics Inc., a medical device company.

Roman Delgado and Akram El-Nady, two employees at the company, are eagerly waiting until lunch time when the two can finally discuss their true passion:

Their business that they are building outside of work.

“We text each other everyday about the business and you have to if you want to build a successful business,” said Delgado.

The business is called Pacific Merchandising Inc., a simple premise involving selling products on Amazon. With sellers making six figures a month, just by selling products on Amazon, Delgado and El-Nady can get in on the action.

This isn’t just a hobby for the two of them, this is something they put a lot of their time and efforts into.

“You find time for things that mean something to you, if it doesn’t mean anything to you then your not gonna find the time,” said Delgado.

El-Nady and Delgado began working together in the beginning of 2018, but they’ve continued to learn and grow their business. They believe anybody can do what they are doing, as long as they are willing to put in the work; in fact, all the information they learned to sell products on Amazon, they learned on YouTube. 

“I’ve learned more this past year and half starting my business then I learned all four years at college,” said Delgado.

They sold their first product, a set of six LED road flares, in March of 2018 and they have not looked back since.

“When we made our first sale on Amazon, we were both so excited and texted each other,” said Delgado.

The set of LED Road Flares that two first sold through their company.

The next product the two plan on selling on Amazon are a set of flower pots. When Delgado and El-Nady search for products to sell on Amazon, they look for products that are selling well but don’t have many suppliers yet. They are not looking to sell products with a lot of suppliers because it’s hard for their company to make as much profit when there’s so much competition.

“When looking for these products, you really have to do your due diligence because there’s so many products out there and you’re always trying to find the perfect product that’s selling well, but doesn’t have many suppliers,” said Delgado.

El-Nady and Delgado use Alibaba Group to find products and manufacture them. Alibaba Group is a company that provides business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, and business-to-business sales services.

When El-Nady and Delgado first find a product that they want to sell, they have Alibaba Group send them the product, so they can examine it before deciding whether to sell it or not.

“We always want to make sure the products are what they appear to be online because if they’re not and we decide to sell the product, then no one is going to buy it,” said Delgado.

Once Amazon receives the order of products, they take care of everything from shipping and handling to customer service.

“It’s really nice because once Amazon gets our product, we don’t have to worry about anything else but watch our products sell,” said Delgado.

Delgado and El-Nady both continue to work at Medtronics Inc., but they were also at one time College of the Canyons Athletes.

Delgado was the starting point guard for the Cougars basketball team and El-Nady was a forward for the Cougars soccer team. Having both gone to COC as athletes, Delgado and El-Nady made a connection at their work.

“We both have a similar mindset and we both want to succeed in whatever we do; that’s why we became partners because we know we can rely on each other,” said Delgado.

While El-Nady and Delgado are focused on finding and selling products, they’re are also focused on trying to build the company name, Pacific Merchandising Inc. They have created a Instagram page for the company, posting daily content on the page as they continue to grow the brand.

Pacific Merchandising Inc. Instagram page.

“We’re always looking for ways to grow the brand because if you have a brand that everyone knows, then people are going to buy your products,” said Delgado.

Part of the reason the two don’t sell more well known products is because smaller companies like Pacific Merchandising Inc., can’t compete with the bigger companies that get push to the first page on Amazon.

“You always want to be on that first page when you search for a product because most buyers don’t go past that first page and that’s why it’s important for us to find products that big companies like Nike and apple aren’t selling,” said Delgado.

The two make a profit with every sale that is made on Amazon and each profit is different with each product. Depending on how much a product cost to order and how much they decide to sell them for, is all a deciding factor in how much profit they make.

“Starting your own company isn’t easy, when we tell people we sell products on Amazon, we tell them all the steps it takes and all the research we have to do before we decide to sell the product,” said Delgado.

The two started the company earlier this year and their goal is to have multiple products on Amazon by the end of the year. With their determination and their mindset, it seems likely that the two will succeed in their goal and whatever the future holds for them.

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