Sexual harassment event Wake Up, Stand Up held in University Center last Saturday

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Wake Up, Stand Up is a sexual harassment and assault seminar that was held on the College of the Canyons Campus this past weekend.

Many gathered to discuss and educate each other on this sinister form of assault so that they may spread awareness and prevention.

Panels, booths and workshops were held to effectively communicate the harm that comes from experiencing sexual harassment and how to prevent it.

“Right now we have 6 workshops, they’re all led by professionals regarding issues that students face but aren’t always talked about,” Joelle Min, founder of Wake Up, Stand Up explained.

Min’s goal is to create universal education on the topic of sexual harassment, though she felt that she “couldn’t fix this problem with just a retweet” so she decided to get help from her community. Tracy Taris, a marriage and family therapist, showed up as a workshop presenter for the event. Self-defense professionals even showed up to showcase defensive maneuvers and techniques to students.

“It’s important for workshops like this, conferences like this to bring awareness, because most people don’t really think about it until there’s something that happens to them or someone that they care about,”Taris said

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