More than just a pet shop

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Hope is what all the animals at Shelter of Hope Santa Clarita have; hope that one day, they find a loving forever home.

Shelter of Hope Pet Shop Santa Clarita is a non-profit volunteer based shelter that opened in 2015.

“We’re trying to replace all the puppy mill pet shops in all of our malls across the nation,” said Danielle Caouette, Shelter Hope Pet Shop Owner.

According to, their hope is, “to abolish all puppy mill pet shops, help find homes for the countless pets in our shelters that face euthanasia, and educate the public on how we can all help reduce future shelter population.”

“We wanted to set out to change the way the people think about a pet shop,” Caouette said. “We decided if you can’t beat them, we’ll join them, and show people we can have a full blown pet shop, with all of our shelter pets.”

Since opening in April 2015, the Santa Clarita location has had 840 adoptions and is still counting.

Volunteer plays with rescue dogs at a community event.

From day to day care, to vet visits, people in the community are volunteering and fostering animals that are in need of loving homes.

“We could rescue and save a lot more animals if we had more fosters to take them home,” said Cindy Josten, a volunteer who works with rescue cats.

Shelter Hope Pet Shop encourages the community to Adopt, Foster, Volunteer and Donate.

Volunteers and fosters are always needed, and donations are always welcome.

“I love my volunteers and I love my fosters. I couldn’t do it without their help,” Caouette said.

Animals range from dogs and cats of all ages to even bunnies. Each animal with a different story of how they came to Shelter of Hope.

“We get them from everywhere,” Josten said. “They need homes their rescues.”

The shop is more that just a shelter, they have art, clothes and more for sale. All the proceeds go back to help save more animals.

“Everything you buy here goes to rescue, to feed our animals, and to get them a good home,” said Josten.

Santa Clarita is one of three locations throughout California. Other locations include Sacramento and Thousand Oaks.

If you would like to adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate go to for more information.

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