Mentry Hall shares student art

by Emily Mahler 649 views0

On the top two floors of Mentry Hall, you are immersed in walls of visual storytelling made by the art and animation majors on campus. 

The walls are filled with their assignments like abstract paintings and realistic life drawings. 

Savanna Birchfield, Andrea Zamora and Denim Weisman are among the students that are a part of the art and animation department and learn from the professors on campus. 

“They are very hands on, they are all very experienced in the industry,” said animation major Savanna Birchfield about the art and animation teachers. “They are all working in the industry. So, they are able to give very good pointers.”

The students here on campus give positive feedback to their peers’ work and their bond can be compared to a family’s.

“The animation classes are really welcoming,” says animation major Andrea Zamora. “If you are really willing to talk to people, you should talk to them. It’s really social, we are all introverts so it helps.”

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