LACoFD hold their annual Fire Service Day

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Each year, the Los Angeles Country Fire Department holds their Fire Safety Day.

Open to families and friends, community members had the opportunity to climb into trucks, helicopters and gear to see what it really takes to be a firefighter.

This year, the event was held at the Northern Regional Station in Lancaster, where events like car extractions, putting out actual fires and a helicopter drop all took place.

“Here we have the opportunity for the [community] to come out and see what we do up close on first hand basis on the facility,” said Tony Akins, LACoFD engineer. “It’s really our opportunity to have the public out and show them what it is we do, how we do it and along with that all about some more of the cooperating assisting agencies that help out carry out the mission of proud protectors.”

Going into their 21st year, the Fire Service Day was an eye-opening event, showing the dangers of being a firefighter as well as showing a large variety of different jobs, as many children watched on in awe.



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