Deadline for California voter registration approaches

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Political opinions are in the air as the voter registration deadline approaches.

The California statewide direct primary election is will commence on June 5 and last week, many members of the community joined together in the University Center to talk about the propositions that will appear on the ballot.

However, this election may turn out to be something special due to the newfound initiative in younger voters.

“There have been a lot of young people active, participating in ways that I have never seen before,” said political science professor Phil Gussin.

Gussin remains skeptical whether this interest among young people will translate into votes in the polls, however, warning that younger votes must start showing up at elections to have their voices and opinions heard.

“Political decisions that people are making right now are going to affect what happens in the future,” said Gussin. “The longer younger people don’t get involved, the more they encourage and reward short term thinking… it doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you’re all going to be facing the same challenges. Do something.”

To those who haven’t taken the time to get registered to vote, the deadline to participate in this primary election is May 21. Be sure to take initiative and have your voice heard in the voting booths this June.

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