Cub Cup teaches scouts teamwork and endurance

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Photo by Jed Bookout

Photo by Jed Bookout
Cub Scouts have many pledges, though none are more useful than the “No Trace Pledge,” ensuring Cubs learn the value of not littering

The Cub Scouts held their annual Cub Cup this Sunday at William S. Hart Park in Newhall.

Parents, friends, and scout leaders from all over the Santa Clarita Valley came together to support the Cubs as they participated in events that flexed both their bodies and their brains.

The cup has been described by parents as “the Olympics for kids,” with slingshot challenges, ping pong ball races, and group walk exercises all on the schedule for the day.

“These are great for the kids,” said Brian Hoffman, the assistant scoutmaster for a troop and one of the facilitators for the Cub Cup. “Because it’s teaching them… to be more enthusiastic. Not only is it them giving their cheers, it’s them cheering on other teams.”

Awards are given to the scout troops with the most points overall; there are no individual awards, however, and the trophies themselves are given well after the cup is over.

Still: for some, it isn’t about the trophies at all.

“I feel like my kids are the future,” said Julie Beiter, the leader for Troop 48. “I want my kids to be the leader in their community.”

Photo by Jed Bookout
The Zombie Gummy Bears from Outer Space, also known as Troop 48.

Beiter’s troop, who go by the nickname Zombie Gummy Bears From Outer Space, weren’t only competitive physically, but in spirit as well, with the group adorning matching zombie make-up, fluffy ears, hats, and shirts; when challenged by other groups, they would begin singing a custom theme song they wrote themselves.

The mood at the event was joyful, with many of the scouts and parents showing how proud they were to be affiliated with the Cub Scouts both physically and vocally.

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