SCV Annual Cowboy Festival attracts residents and out-of-state visitors

by Elaina Tovar 635 views0

The 25th Annual Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival arrived on Saturday and Sunday at William S Hart Park.

A family friendly event that transported people young and old to the late 19th century.

A group known as the WildHorse Singers and Dancers performed their talent throughout the festival. They wore very colorful and bright costumes with feathered head ornaments.

Clothing used in the late 19th century was seen throughout the festival.

Many visitors were attracted to knife and axe throwing as well as archery which tested their ability to throw smoothly.

A variety of food vendors were placed on one side of festival while beer was placed on the opposite side. Mouth watering peach cobbler was being cooked out in the open so visitors could watch.

“The weather was beautiful, and all the events were really really exciting,” said Sharon Rodriguez, a visitor from Washington.

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