COC’s new Measure-E funded parking structure

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College of the Canyons broke ground last week on their first parking structure going in at Lot 7.

The state of California does not provide funding for community colleges to build parking lots or parking structures. So COC funded the structure through bond Measure-E in 2016.

“To stand and look out my windows over the south parking lot at about quarter to eight on any Monday or Wednesday morning, it was like bumper cars,” says Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook.

In the past ten years, enrollment has increased to nearly 20,000 students and that number is expected to grow.

” It’s great to get started on this project and know that were going to make a difference in a simple but very practical way for our students,”says Eric Harnish COC’s public information officer. “This has been in the works for a long time, we’ve known that we’ve needed to do this.”

Measure-E will provide the funds COC needs to expand and upgrade the colleges facilities.

The new structure is scheduled to open in time for the Spring 2019 semester.

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