COC survival guide to finals week

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As the spring semester comes to a close, students are faced with the dreaded finals week. Unfortunately, many students typically struggle with their end of semester exams, becoming overwhelmed by stress.

However, College of the Canyons has all the supplies available to make sure that your finals week turns out to be a successful week.

Items such as scantrons, bluebooks and general things like pens and pencils can all be found in the COC book store inside of the student center.

Another great perk of being a COC student is all the space available to sit down and do some well needed studying.

There are several spots that offer the sweet tranquility of silence, as well as areas like the first floor of Hasley Hall that feature the soothing sounds of water; there are an abundance of great places to hit the books.

However, what may be the most beneficial tool to struggling COC students is the one and only TLC.

The Learning Center, known on campus as TLC, offers tutoring services that can give students the edge to get the high marks in class they’ve always wanted. The staff at TLC are also veterans of the end of semester rush.

All the tools available to make you a successful student can all be found in College of the Canyons; it’s all a matter of utilizing them.

So be sure to use the people and facilities around you to be the student you’ve always wanted to be.

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