COC students look to the future beyond graduation

by Diani Ellis 469 views0

As the end of the school year is approaching, College of the Canyons sophomore students are getting ready to walk the stage for graduation… but what did it take for them to get to this point? And what’s coming up next for them?

“Over 60% of College of the Canyons students who received an AA this year will be transferring to a 4 year school, this fall coming,” said coach Matthew Crater. “And about 45% of them that are transferring, took full advantage of what the TLC here at College of the Canyons had to offer.”

The Learning Center at COC offers many things to their students, such as tutors, a quite place to study, and even workshops.

This tool that COC provides only betters students to help them get the highest possible GPA to leave COC with.

“For each of the past two years,” said COC Review Board co-chair Daylene Meuschke. “We had nearly 1,400 students transfer to a four-year institution.”

So what’s next for these COC students? Conquering the world!

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