COC says no to drinking and driving at student event

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An anti-drunk driving event was held outside the Student Health and Wellness Center Monday, allowing students to experience what would happen to their vision and balance if they were impaired by alcohol.

The drunken goggles provided gave an example to how one’s vision could be affected while under the influence.

“You’re so disoriented it’s the same way you would feel if you were inebriated,” says political science major Ryan Shoemaker. “You have no idea where you’re actually walking.”

Also featured was a simulated drunk driving game that allowed students to see what it is really like to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

“The hope is to get awareness out there so that people don’t actually try this in real life,” says computer science major Daniel Jaffe. “A lot of the time, especially when you’re younger, you have this mentality of, ‘yeah, other people shouldn’t do it but I’m okay,’ and that’s really not the case.”

Information about the dangers of driving under the influence, including facts and statistics, were available for students to take.

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