COC holds active shooter training event

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With relevance at an all-time high, COC’s Inter-Club Council has collaborated with Campus Safety to offer students active shooter training.

The training provides students with three options that can be used as measures for the purpose of their safety in the midst of an active shooting.

“You can choose to run,” said Jess Love, the Student Services Coordinator. “So if there is an incident, if that is someone with a gun or just a situation you don’t want to be around you can run away so try to remove yourself from the situation. The other one is to hide…generally what I’ve come to learn especially with active shooters is that they want to kill as many people as quickly as possible… so again to hide in that situation or to fight.”

The importance of the training goes beyond measure. After all, the proactivity it instills could save lives.

With proactivity in mind, The Inter-Club Council and Campus Safety will strive to offer more training in the future.

“I know that our advisor has been talking with the director of Campus Safety,” said Vice President John Perkins. “And it’s something they want to make a perpetual thing.”

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