Bear Grylls Survival Challenge is the newest adventure in town

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Late last month, the first ever Bear Grylls Survival Challenge at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch brought challenges and survival tests to hundreds of participants, in a new kind of sporting event.

The Survival Challenge was designed to test endurance, mental strength and the skills that are essential for survival in the wild. The challenge consisted of a 5 mile course that wound its way up and down steep mountains, through 5 unique environments and 18 survival challenges. Competitors were given a small survival pack with a map, bandana, a glow stick, condom and safety glasses each having a purpose in completing the challenges. The course looked as challenging as it did fun, from eat crickets to sneaking through a “war torn” village to the slip-n-slide that crosses the finish line.

Competitor Natalie Duran said the experience is “Level four fun; where you feel like you’re dying while it’s happening but after you finish the course you’re like ‘That was amazing lets do it again!’”

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