AWFULly Funny Kids’ improv shocks and amuses crowd

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The AWFULly Funny Kids slogan is “No script. No sets. No shame.” Meaning no matter what they always finish a gag.

“If you’re good at improv and you just stay with the reality of the situation, and say yes and keep going.” said Professor Kevin Brief.

On stage, the team acted as stunt doubles performing inane tasks, reenacted a day out of a marine mechanic’s life, and stuffed food in each others faces as a part of their acts.

“It’s just really loving these people, and having a lot of fun with them, and trusting them and feeling really comfortable in the scene.” said Caitlin McGowan, one of the performers. “Even if the scene is awkward and weird, if we work together as a team, it’s always a lot of fun.”

The actors faced a new dilemma in each scene, adjusting to decreased time to reenact a story, having to incorporate a line written by the audience in their dialogue, or having to use another teammates hands to perform a task.

Since day one, the teammates have gone from not knowing each other to trusting each other on stage and working on different collaborations together, according to Brief.

“Most of them didn’t know each other at the beginning of the last semester, and now it seems like they’re best friends and making films together” said Brief. “It’s really exciting for me to see.”

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