Are You Ready for Rattlesnake Season?

by Jailene Aguilera 1,239 views0

If you’re not ready for rattlesnake season, you’re not alone.

Most residents don’t know what to do when encountering a rattlesnake. These venomous creatures are coming out from underground to come say hello to Santa Clarita residents.

The Santa Clarita valley has one type of dangerous snake. It is known as the Southern Pacific Rattlesnake.

They’re certainly terrifying looking and their rattling noise is also very unpleasant.  One bite from a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake can be very dangerous and life threatening and must call 911 or arrive at the closest hospital as soon as possible.

John Laureman, who is a Castiac resident and a field herpetologist, removes unwanted rattlesnakes from peoples homes free of charge.

“Know where your pets are,” says Laureman. “If you have kids don’t let them play in the bushes during rattlesnake season.”

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