A life saving act reminds the community the importance of knowing CPR

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Santa Clarita Valley resident Cole Lambert is a certified EMT and aspiring firefighter; who used his knowledge of CPR to save the life of a Santa Clarita dad.

KC Plum, a father of two, was watching his sons play soccer when he was in sudden need of CPR, last month.

“I just darted over there and I performed my primary and secondary assessment. I did CPR and my rescue breaths, and thats when he started breathing again,” said Lambert.

According to Katie Dierberger, a Superior Life Support training manager, only 1% of the population is CPR certified, and due to Lambert’s knowledge, Plum is still alive today.

“Cole and his knowledge and bravery saved my life,” said Plum. “I pray that more people learn so they can save a life one day too.”

CPR is something many may be scared to perform, even if they have the knowledge. According to Lambert the most important thing to do is stay calm.

“I don’t feel we really understand how important it is to know basic life support knowledge and skills like CPR,” said Plum. “Situations like mine happen everywhere, everyday, when you least expect it. If we just rely on first responders to know what to do, well, then it could be to late for someone.”

“Every minute that goes by without standard CPR taking place, the persons chance of survival decreases by 10 percent,” said Dierberger.

Basic life support skills will not always be able to save someones life, but the chance of them surviving increases every minute.

“Personally I think it should be mandatory to teach it in school. It’s more important than most of the random things I was taught in school. But that’s a whole different topic,” said Plum.

Those who save lives can often be called a hero by others, but for Cole Lambert it was just the right thing to do. “I don’t need recognition, I’m a hero or any of that,” said Lambert. “The recognition and satisfaction is, he came walking out of it with his life. For his kids, who are two and three years old, their dad is still alive today.”

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