4-year-old girl inspires COC Athletics to participate in Lemons for Leukemia

by Michele Lutes 0

Instead of starting preschool, 4-year-old Kailyn Anderson is starting chemo.

“On Thursday, June 15 we went to get her a physical,” said Lauren Anderson, Kailyn’s mom. “The doctor had mentioned some things looked a little bit weird, but not to worry about it, and she ordered labs.”

From the doctor to urgent care, and then to the hospital, Kailyn continued to have labs done and tests taken.

“It wasn’t until they came in and formally diagnosed her with leukemia,” Anderson said. “She has, it’s called, ALL, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.”

According to cancer.org, the term ‘acute’ means “that the leukemia can progress quickly, and if not treated, would probably be fatal within a few months.”

As her friends would be on the playground, Kailyn would be spending the next month in the hospital.

“They were just trying to get her immune system back up and she was getting chemo everyday,” Anderson said.

Today Kailyn attends weekly to monthly appointments, and continuously has a smile on her face.

During the journey, Kailyn bravely told her parents she wants to be a doctor.

“She is four and she gets her blood drawn and doesn’t cry,” Anderson said. “She counts down for them.”

The 4-year-old hasn’t been able to go back to preschool and always has the chance to relapse.

“Its like her life is on hold, while the rest of the world is revolving,” her mother said.

Their family of three has learned to make some of life’s sourest lemons into lemonade with the support of College of the Canyons athletics.

Lauren Anderson and her fiancé were both former school athletes.

“For two former COC athletes and their daughter, to do something for them was a great opportunity for us,” said Matt Crater, assistant COC football coach.

Starting with the college’s football program, several COC teams challenged each other to eat lemons to raise awareness for leukemia, Be The Match and Team Kailyn.

“She is just an amazing kid, and it was something where we could give back,” Crater said.

Posting the videos on Twitter with hashtags, #LemonsforLeukemia#BeTheMatch and #TeamKaiyln20.

“She is doing so good, so we’re just so thankful she is doing so well,” Anderson said.

Follow Kailyn Anderson on Instagram @team_kailyn20 to see updates as she battles high risk ALL.

To find out how you can join the Be The Match registry, go to bethematch.org.

Tune in to cougarnews.com and Cougar News Facebook on May 30th for more on Kailyn’s story. And find out how you can join her family and COC athletics in helping others fight against leukemia.

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