13 Reasons Why courts controversy

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The second season of the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why is now available for streaming, but with the graphic visuals and sensitive topics, many are outraged by the show.

13 Reasons Why has courted controversy with its graphic visuals of suicide and sexual assault. 

Many took to Twitter in outrage as the new season hit the popular streaming site, pointing out all the triggering events in the show and how it is unhealthy for people with mental health issues and who have been victims of rape.

Many are saying that the show even romanticizes and glorifies suicide and depression.

Producers claims they are aiming to raise awareness for suicide and rape culture, but most people who watch the show say that because of the graphic and sensitive content on the show people who are rape victims or have suicidal thoughts can’t even watch the show.

“The visual could certainly trigger some very post-traumatic stress kinds of symptoms,” says Christopher Hopgood, the president of the psychology club on campus.

Still: the creators of the show are defending the graphic scenes on the show, saying that talking about these issues is much better than staying silent, mentioning that each episode starts with a trigger warning; still, most think that a trigger warning just is not enough.

But while many people are against the new season, there are still supportive fans who agree with the show creators that it is important to depict these real life situations.

The producers have created their own website that has help for people thinking about suicide, providing resources for anyone who needs help.

This website is displayed at the end of all new episodes for anyone who might need it.



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