Valencia Public Library holds event for award winning Cinematographer

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This past Saturday the Valencia public library held an event for cameraman of the popular TV show “California’s Gold” Luis Fuerte. It was a full house as many local residents came to hear Mr. Fuerte discuss his new book, “Louie, Take a Look at This!” and to have the chance to ask him questions of what it was like to work with the highly esteemed, late Huell Howser. Audience members asked questions ranging from “What kind of music did you and Mr. Howser listen to while driving?” to “What kind of permit did you need to film at high interest locations?”

However, Author Chairman for the Friends of the Santa Clarita Library, Jane Beebe, has noticed that libraries simply aren’t as popular as they used to be, “I would say that definitely in the world of technology and books on tape and even less reading overall that library engagement has decreased over the years.” But there’s more to libraries than just having a place to check out books, read, or have a quiet place to study; it’s thanks to the efforts of people like Ms. Beebe that great events are put together and join so many members of the community together. “One of our keys roles with the friends of the library is to really engage the community… just trying to engage trying to get people to come in, listen, thinking through different things and have conversations basically.”

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