Santa Clarita city council to talk state’s sanctuary bill

by Elaina Tovar 671 views0

A discussion on sanctuary cities is planned in Santa Clarita as the city council agreed to agendize a talk on Senate Bill 54. The topic is already heated among local residents who sparred at City Hall earlier this month, taking to the floor to speak their thoughts about the bill.

“It is absolutely unjust for a daughter to see their father taken from her in a dialysis appointment, who has lived in this country for decades,” said Santa Clarita resident Logan Smith. Smith is a candidate for City Council.

Senate Bill 54 restrains cooperation between California law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. It protects undocumented immigrants who live in the state while federal immigration authorities are on the lookout for illegal residency.

“No governor or his little minions have the right to take people who are criminals and put them into a sanctuary setting where we cannot get to them,” said former U.S. marine Dick Jeffrey, a Santa Clarita resident and former marine.

City councilman Bob Keller plans to “prepare filing of a legal brief in support of the federal lawsuit against the state related to the CVA, at an appropriate time.”

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